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About us

It’s time to begin a new era in fitness, one where customers are free from paying retail prices for gear and fitness plans. Which I why I’m here to tell you more about one of the fastest growing bodybuilding and fitness companies in the U.S. right now…Fit-Logica.

We have two main goals here at Fit-Logica. The first is to end what we like to call the “Retail-Rip-off”, where you, the customer, pay exorbitant prices for the same gear from big-box fitness retailers. The other, which is just as important, is to raise the bar for personal fitness.

We have a team of experts that source the best gear at the best prices, relying on our system of manufactures and suppliers to bring you their best deals.

We also offer free, tried and tested workout and meal plans on our site, and our network of exercise and nutrition specialists use their knowledge to help tailor or create a blueprint to fulfill your fitness goals.

We stand out because of one thing: our commitment to better deals on great gear and training strategies than our competitors, with a rotating selection of our own high quality branded products.

Join the Revolution, and never pay “Retail-Rip-off” Prices again.


"Train the Mind...The Body has no Choice, but to Follow"

Circulatio Logica